Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

Session 1 - A long time ago in a Galaxy far away...
Our inaugural session; introducing our protagonists, and some early allies and adversaries.

Our adventure began on the planet of Dantooine during a time of unrest due to Imperial forces occupying the planet. The Imperials claimed that until recently there was a Revel Alliance base on the planet but that the Rebels were tipped off and able to escape just before the Imperial force arrived.

The official line is that the Empire is presently sticking around to make sure that no other Rebel personnel or assets have been left behind, however many of the oppressed people of Dantooine suspect that either there was no Rebel base to begin with and this is just an excuse the Empire is using to stage an invasion, or that there were Rebels at one time or another and all the Empire is interested in now is finding traitors, sympathizers and co-conspirators and executing them.

Enter our protagonists

Each of our four protagonists was contacted by representatives of a powerful local trader and merchant named Gaol Ming


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