Lawrence Marx

Stormtrooper Sergeant stationed on the planet Dantooine to oversee Imperial Empire operations on the planet.


A short, slightly flabby stormtrooper – rank markings on his armour indicate his rank of sergeant. Generally impatient, business-minded and keen to follow orders blindly – Lawrence Marx was always destined to go far in the Imperial military.


When the Imperial Empire arrived on Dantooine it came in force, bruising for a fight with the Rebels. Upon finding the planet deserted and their elusive quarry having just slipped away once again – most of their forces were pulled from orbit almost immediately.

Those that stayed were entrusted with the task of scouring the Rebel base for clues as to their whereabouts, and track down any stragglers or Rebel sympathizers who might be left behind – and in general harass the population of Dantooine to the extent that if the Rebel’s were ever to sniff around the world again – the people of Dantooine might be more inclined to rat them out immediately, if only for a simple life.

To this end Lawrence Marx was appointed in charge of the Imperial operation on Dantooine, a task which he took to with great fervour – establishing Imperial checkpoints all over the main town hub of the region – a medium-sized settlement called Cannes. As well as random spot checks and other senseless disruptions to every day life for the people of Dantooine.

The Empire probably would have pulled out of Dantooine sooner however their chief spy in the region; Ming Gaol – was insistent that some of his former employees had discovered something, which he believed to be related to the Rebels and their operation. However Lawrence grew increasingly impatient as the days wore by and Ming was unable to produce these individuals, or their so-called Rebel connection.

Then late one night Ming contacted Lawrence to say that he had an Imperial Officer and five of her associates, all knowing Rebel sympathizers, in his dinning room. Lawrence and fourty-two of his stormtroopers raced to the property to capture them immediately, gleeful to finally have some results to show his superiors. However upon arriving and entering the building the defence system went haywire – turning on the both the Imperial soldiers and also Ming’s own personal security force.

The automated defence network made short work of the perceived invaders and Lawrence, along with all his men, was cut down almost immediately. His death marking the end of a short but very promising career; now nothing but an obituary on the holonet, a bouquet of flowers for his mother along with a note of condolences from his commanding officer, and a number on an Imperial spreadsheet of military losses.

Lawrence Marx

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