Gaol Ming

An influential Bothan importer-&-exporter with strong ties to the Imperial Empire.


Gaol Ming is a Bothan of a fairly typical size and build, though dressed modestly there is an air of power, wealth and confidence with his every movement, mannerism and ripple of his fur. Gaol is well past being middle aged which contributes to his general demeanour of wisdom and trustworthiness – although do not be fooled Ming is not to be trusted.

Ming has built a very successful career on his ability to pick his allies carefully – usually backing the right horse, or at the very least ensuring plausible deniability in the instances where he has made mistakes. Though Ming’s ego sometimes makes him vulnerable to manipulation he is typically one step ahead and quite content, and sometimes self-aware enough, to play this disadvantage against people – turning the tables on them without warning.

One thing to bear in mind with Ming is to be mindful when dealing with him – many fools have thought they had the upper hand on the old man – only to discover Ming was simply playing the long con and meet their downfall shortly thereafter.


The heroes first met Ming Gaol on Dantooine when he gave them a simple quest to perform.

At the time the Imperial Empire was claiming to investigate Ming and his operation under suspicion of collaborating with the Rebel Alliance – a simple rouse to protect their asset. In truth Ming had been working with the Rebels – but only insofar as to expose their location to the Empire.

When Ming summoned the heroes he explained that the Rebel base had been discovered due to a tracking device found in one of his own shipments to them. Ming was concerned that the Rebels, or Rebel sympathizers, would come after him for vengeance under the, quite correct, assumption that he had betrayed them. And so he asked the heroes to track down the people responsible for the betrayal and prove his innocence.

As it transpired however the errand Ming had sent the heroes on was actually to locate some of his former employees, not to prove his innocence, but because he suspected that they were harbouring a Rebel, or more likely some kind of sensitive data that the Rebel Alliance wouldn’t have wanted the Empire to uncover.

The heroes returned to Ming when they had located the missing former personal and also the Rebel Officer they had harboured to enlist his aid in getting the Rebel off-world and back to her people, little suspecting that it was Ming all along who had sold out the Rebel’s. Thankfully at the last minute the heroes were able to determine Ming’s true allegiances and flee his abode just in time. Stealing his personal service droid and starship in the process.

For now Ming is still out there, a constant threat to the heroes – though no doubt in time the Rebel Alliance will repay their former trusted ally in kind and eliminate him, if of course the Empire haven’t done so already as retribution for the loss of forty-three of their personnel.

Gaol Ming

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